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11 things that changed when I moved from Estonia to Spain

1) I stopped being so irritated about everything that was slow or not working quite so fast, as this is everyday life in Spain. Now, I feel far more relaxed and understanding about these things. Mañana, mañana... 2) I noticed how cold Estonians really are. When I had friends visiting from Estonia, my local friends called them "Penguins" because they always got a fright when someone kissed them on the cheek for greeting and they were quite shy, quiet and reserved (before the first drinks at least!). 3) At first, I complained about the siesta time, but when I started working in Spain and could...
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Welcome to Pura Vida!

Pursuing our Penchants Passionately. Fitness, Cocktails, Food, Music, Fashion, Travel... and much more. A lifestyle blogzine for those seeking the Pura Vida! Maria picture-5-1394378370.jpg Hola, I'm Maria, but most people call me Mammu ;) I am an u napologetic pasta enthusiast, c ertified cocktail specialist , undercover petrolhead and a social media aficionado. I enjoy everything fashion and design related, as you will notice while browsing our little website here. Made in Estonia and after spending couple of years in Spain, finally living in London. Personal twitter: