Pura Vida…Style with Soul!

Pura Vida is originally a Costa Rican expression meaning ‘the pure life’. This is a philosophy of a lifestyle, a way of living. 'Life is good, enjoy it!' We believe it is about pursuing your penchants passionately.

This Pura Vida is a lifestyle blogzine and is all about some of our favourite things, which may be some of yours too… In no particular order, we love them all: travel, music, fashion, food, cocktails and fitness.

Our vision is to create a community to connect like-minded ‘Pura Vida People’ with our shared passion of style with soul. People who want the glossy look with meaningful content; who are aspirational, but are hungry for more than just success in the traditional sense, they want that full life, that ’pure life’… Pura Vida.

It is about people and their passions.

Who are we?

We are two ‘Pura Vida People’ who are different in our penchants and passions, but with many shared loves, and most importantly, our shared mission of creating a Pura Vida life.


Hola, I'm Maria, but most people call me Mammu ;)

Most importantly I am an unapologetic pasta enthusiast, I should've been born Italian - I recently started my food journey and got promoted to HWIT (House Wife In Training).

Other than that I am a certified cocktail specialist, undercover petrolhead and a social media aficionado.

I enjoy everything food, fashion and design related, as you will notice while browsing our little website here.

Made in Estonia and after spending couple of years in Spain, finally living in London with my Love Luca.


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Hi I'm Bianca,

I love music, dancing and margaritas...And shoes! From Chucks to Choos...

I'm interested in all things health and fitness - it's about looking and feeling good, while having fun at the same time, what I call running in high heels! I'm passionate about style, and travelling to warm places, eating tapas, swinging in hammocks, and music - lots and lots of music! 

The Mix: One half Italian, one half South African, living in London, with a love of Spanish and a penchant for languages. 

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